| Flawless Shades |

Not here to throw shade, but who cares what skin tone you are?. I’ve been wanting to speak on the subject for a minute. No matter your shade, always remain true to oneself, walk with essence into your purpose. Always remember you are a shining star, no matter who you are. We represent as one, in order to rise we must uplift one another. No need be stagnant, afraid, or shy because we’re not the same race. In life there is always room for improvement, think of it as a self check. Ask yourself, is this what I want to be known as a individual. I grew up in the 90s & early 2000s era listening to hip hop, getting out of school I would watch 106 & park. It was a popular television show to watch all the hottest & latest hip hop & R&B music videos. With that being said, watching those music videos, I’d always see a light skinned woman in the video. It was like they we’re out on the pedestal, not only in the music videos but it seemed like it was also happening in the real world. No disrespect, but I had it hard for being my shade of dark skinned in school. Enduring all that dimmed myself confidence, and it made me feel like a shadow amongst the living. Thankfully I have family members who are aware of how devious children can be, only because it happened also in they’re generation. My mother & aunts taught me to love myself, not to believe what others thought of me, and not to be a copy cat and try to fit in so people would like me. But of course being a child/teen I didn’t apply it when I was supposed too, in fact I did the total opposite of what I was taught. I felt that if I didn’t do what everyone else was doing, that I’d miss out on something. Along my journey of not being myself, I was merely trying to keep up with my generation, not being my Devine self, I got wrapped up with keeping up & also losing myself. I didn’t know who I was, where I was going, what I liked, everything about me became just a Mimic of everyone else. That can suck as you get older, but there’s always hope. Remember you get to decide who you are. ✨

Published by

April Johnson

I am divine, I've chosen to live my life authentically & unapologetically. I learned the hard way, not listening to my own voice. I am Queen oneself, I am a single mom on a mission to living out my true purpose in life, & living my life to the fullest, while giving back inspiration, and motivating women & youth that reaching your dreams and goals is obtainable.

4 thoughts on “| Flawless Shades |”

  1. If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard, “You cute to be a dark skinned girl.”😳 What at all does that mean? Unlike you, no one encouraged me growing up to love my authentic self. I almost envied every girl lighter than me because I wasn’t her. It’s wasn’t until I was 26(now 27😒)until I was was able to look in the mirror and adore my multi complexed dark skin, or my fat nose. & yes it is something I still struggle with but I don’t envy those with even skin tone or smaller noses than mine. I am now able to compliment those women and fall more in love with myself in doing so because what I know now that I didn’t know then is that we are all Royalty. Because God is royalty and he created us all in his image. I honestly believe that self love has to be taught young, so upcoming generations aren’t having to figure it out in their adult lives when figuring out everything else life has to offer.

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  2. Whoooo! When I say this response is hammer to the nail. You definitely hit exactly where I am aiming with the creation of my blog post. I want to not only reach out to just women, but also the female youth. During my youth, I tried to fit in desperately also, and I got teased for being my shade also, and it came from our own ethnicity. So I’m definitely in agreement to have my audience to be the younger generation. I believe if we’re not the only women who went through, just imagine the women who’s currently rising they’re children up now. I believe the same issues we faced, it’s certainly still happening now. If we don’t teach our children to embrace & love themselves now, it’ll be an unfixed issue for the next generations to come. I really appreciate & Thank you kindly for you brilliant feedback ❤️✨💯


  3. My dear , you must believe in yourself, in your abilities, you are beautiful in everything, and wonderful, live your life, and do not look back .. When you run to the top … everyone will walk behind you

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