Self Love

When I hear the term self-love it’s deeper than just wining and dining yourself. It’s about a soulful journey to embracing and knowing what makes you truly happy.

Self-love is an act, loving yourself meaning whatever makes your soul happy. Happiness is what ”you” create yourself, and no one else is responsible.

Happiness is a feeling that brings you joy. It’s about choosing you, and what’s best for you. Self-love can be enjoying your own solitude by choice and be fine with it. When you’ve mastered how to be alone and enjoy your own peace and company, that’s a great start.

Acts of self-love

• Speaking highly of yourself always.

• Taking care for yourself

• Self-love can be working on becoming that better version of yourself, as you saw it to be.

•Working on those goals you’ve set for yourself.

• Treating yourself because you worked hard.

• Praising yourself for achieving small & big victories you’ve invested thoughts and time into.

• Loving who you are currently.

Have faith that you’ll pull through, put in action daily to achieve those short & long term goals you’ve set for yourself. It is tangible, I’m here to encourage you to start showing yourself more love because you deserve that much.

During your self-love journey the goal is to stay focused on yourself, don’t compare your life with someone else’s life. Your journey & destiny is set up uniquely for you ONLY, so yes it’s personal if anyone asks.

Self-love Is Not

• Accepting verbal abuse, physical abuse from yourself nor anyone else.

• Tolerating disrespect on any level

• Being Stagnant in the current situation that doesn’t bring you happiness.

Many of us fall short daily because of fear of change, knowing within our soul we’re not happy. We accept it and began to find excuses, we dress them up for our comfort in being stagnant. We have the power and choice to change our circumstances involving our happiness and what’s best for us.

Now is the time to take a leap of faith! Don’t be scared. I am encouraging you to break free from what’s keeping your mind in bondage. Make your choice for your own happiness unapologetically.

Free yourself to being truly happy

What is Self-Love to you?

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Published by

April Johnson

I am divine, I've chosen to live my life authentically & unapologetically. I learned the hard way, not listening to my own voice. I am Queen oneself, I am a single mom on a mission to living out my true purpose in life, & living my life to the fullest, while giving back inspiration, and motivating women & youth that reaching your dreams and goals is obtainable.

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