Create The Life You Want to Live

Hey Queens, I am hoping all is well since the last blog read and I am sending you all warm prayers that you all are being safe during this time.

Since the last blog post, I’ve been thinking of a helpful topic of discussion that’ll target our minds to dig deeper and to unravel more of our truthful selves. Life isn’t going to pause and stop for any of us, time has and will always be vital even before this current pandemic. Have you taken time out to focus on the life you truly desire to live? Oh it’s possible, no matter your situation , continue to journal down ways and different strategies and work towards that. Release your mind of hopeless fear that is withholding you from accomplishing your dream life. I’ve had many setbacks during my life span, at these times I feel vulnerable and or want to just give up. I fight back those negative thoughts of failure and continue to think highly of myself and you can too.


Setbacks in life are almost bound to happen at some point, what matters most is how you’ll learn from it, what positive outlook will you take from it, and how you pick yourself back up, how you continue to strive for greater. Greater awaits you, look to find out ways to get closer to the life you want for yourself, your families, and your loved ones. It took years for me to figure out what kind of of life I wanted for my son & I, not that there’s a time frame on when these miles stones are to be completed in our lives. Life is so much more meaningful, there is no better time than now. Buckle down and focus on how you can strive for greater, educate yourselves on the desires, wants, and needs on the lifestyle you want to live out.

Be Your Own Motivation

Wait for no one to help you get to your next destination, rid all distractions from friends, family, social media, etc if it’s not helping you get to a higher level in life. Change of your surroundings, the company that you keep, and scenery all play a huge factor. Everyone has heard the saying “Birds of a feather flock together.โ€ Surround yourself around people who can enhance your knowledge and have goals set for themselves if it is in your goal of interest. I love to be surrounded by people that are motivated and inspirational.

The choice is yours, and time is precious so stay focused Queens.

Its also good to find a mentor, someone you can look to for motivation and guidance even. I had absolutely no motivation outside of my boyfriend and best friend to do what I’m currently doing now, which is starting my blog “She Lives Divine’ and podcast. There is so much more that I plan and will accomplish. We simply have to position ourselves in the direction we want to go.


Speak life into the things you want to benefit from, or want to benefit you. Be mindful not to down yourself, and always speak highly of yourself and what you want to happen in your life. After all, It is your life, no one said you had to live your life according to someone else’s terms. Continue to create & work towards the life you want to live.

I hope this blog post was motivational to you Queens, stay determined, inspired, and uplifted.

Peace, Love, and Blessings.

Published by

April Johnson

I am divine, I've chosen to live my life authentically & unapologetically. I learned the hard way, not listening to my own voice. I am Queen oneself, I am a single mom on a mission to living out my true purpose in life, & living my life to the fullest, while giving back inspiration, and motivating women & youth that reaching your dreams and goals is obtainable.

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