In Self I Trust

After long days and months of not blogging, I accomplished many life goals outside of blogging and being a full time single mother. I am proud of my accomplishments with being dedicated and focused in completing something I truly desire to do as an exit from working a full time job for someone else’s company. In accomplishing my goal of starting my own candle business “ Litty Candles LLC” has truly challenged me to put more trust in myself and life decisions in general. I woke up one morning knowing exactly what I needed to do in order to succeed for my child & I.

I’m not sure how many women can relate to the life challenging fact of finding oneself, trusting oneself, and healing oneself all while raising a child by yourself. I mean it has gotten overwhelming at some point, self-doubt was lingering in my thoughts “Girl, just give up”. Yet I persevered and kept going. I decided that in these moments of self-doubts I had to fight through no matter the circumstances I’ve encountered along the way, I had to positively visualize myself being a well-balanced individual, mother, business owner, and a women’s life coach. To have faith in yourself & ideas will be a eye opener and forever a life changing experience. As I am still growing and going though life’s journey & obstacles knowing that I’m not perfect but my aim and goal is to show up as better me than the person I was in my past. I’m for certain we all fall short somewhere, and what matters is that you pick yourself up, forgive yourself firstly, and continue working on what you want to change about yourself for yourself. That is more important and that is what matters most. Believe that you are worthy enough to do anything you set your heart & mind to do. Plan it out, write it down, read it out loud to yourself daily, and work towards it.

We have work to do Queen’s.

I say this to say, you may have the same golden plan of action as someone else or they’re already doing what you thought of. Remember there is ONLY one you, how you deliver your plan of action will already be unique simply because it’s coming from YOU. Stay motivated, focused, & believe in yourself. Your goal is to get to the next & higher version of yourself for yourself.

Peace, Love, & Blessings 😇

Published by

April Johnson

I am divine, I've chosen to live my life authentically & unapologetically. I learned the hard way, not listening to my own voice. I am Queen oneself, I am a single mom on a mission to living out my true purpose in life, & living my life to the fullest, while giving back inspiration, and motivating women & youth that reaching your dreams and goals is obtainable.

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