The Ultimate Guide: How to relieve stress.

Life can be filled with challenges and it’s sometimes accompanied with stress & anxiety. Here’s a quick guide on how to find and embrace a healthy balance to staying on track with those feelings.

• Take some time out of your busy schedule to book a full body massage, to release body tension. It’ll have you feeling light as a feather and ready to take on the next big thing coming your way. If you don’t have time to book an appointment or want to simply save on $$ you and your partner, friend, etc could exchange the favor of enjoying the great benefits of a soothing massage.

A Day at the spa

• Exercising is another proven act to reduce stress. It’ll help enhance your mood, boost your self-esteem & reduces mental health disorders. Rather you’re a new beginner it doesn’t matter, start off small or big. Just starting somewhere in your home,outside, or the gym itself is something to be proud of.

• Burning a good smelling incense is also proven to reduce stress & anxiety. It reduces your heart rate & soothes the nerves, it’ll relieve built-up tension in your muscles also. You can purchase these from your local store, they’re also great for setting the tone for relaxation & meditation. (This is the best recommend in my book).

Here are a few popular & suggested incense scents I recommend:

• Sandalwood is extremely good for cleansing and can break up negative thoughts.

• Frankincense promotes grounding, balancing, & openness. It also helps reduce pain and inflammation, relieve stress, and clears nasal passages.

• Lavender is an anti-anxiety, antidepressant, and relaxing. The scent of lavender has calming properties that can put your mind in the right frame to achieve clarity and enlightenment .

Incense vibes

• CBD is also good for reducing stress & anxiety including much more. CBD comes in many forms such as: Oils that are topical, & sublingual, supplements, edibles and much more. Personally, I’ve tried and recommend CBD edibles and they come in different type of flavors and can pass for candy. Studies have shown not only is CBD great in many aspects, but gives you everything without the THC. However, be sure to get approval from your doctor and or Healthcare provider on the benefits of it more in-depth. It’s also sold in your local smoke shops near you, and or online also.

Rid the stress

• Create a personalized music playlist that’ll boost your mood of feeling low, stress, and anxiety. Music has many benefits today, it has a chemical effect on our brain. When music is played a chemical called ”Dopamime” is released into the body, which produces more of a happiness hormone. This is the feeling which makes us feel happiness and excitement.

So there are many other ways to relieve stress & anxiety, be sure to give feedback and share with me on how you cope with stress & anxiety. As always thank you for reading my blog post. Be sure to like & share.

Peace, Love, and Blessings Queens.